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Sports Fishing in the Northern Territory

When it comes to fishing camps, Arnhem Land Coastal Camp has a location that others can only dream of. Situated in one the most remote and largest protected marine parks of the Northern Territory, it’s simply a lure’s throw away from natural reef and crystal-clear waters of the Cobourg Peninsular in Arnhem Land. It does not get any better than this!

These exclusive waters are protected from commercial fishing and live-abroad charter operators and cannot be accessed by land by other anglers or operators. So, when we say “exclusive”, we mean it!

The camp faces west meaning its waters are protected from the south-easterly winds which pester anglers across the Top End throughout the dry season, providing stunning sunsets day after day for visitors to enjoy.

There is easy access to the surrounding protected waters and fishing hot spots such as:

  • Blue Mud Bay: rock bars, reef, and mangroves.
  • Mullet Corner: Excessive live bait attracting Barra, Queenies, GTs and more.
  • Trepang Bay: Sheltered waters with massive rock bars and two creeks systems. Sight casting is generally good here.
  • Trepang Creek: Many Barra and Mangrove Jacks as well as pelagics.
  • Popham Bay: Sheltered from the south-east winds. Great for all kinds of fishing including Barra, Jacks, Trout, Pelagics and much more. Very clear water.
  • Popham Creek: A unique coral reef within a mangrove lined creek with clear waters. Exceptional fly-fishing and sight casting for a great variety of species.
  • Jack Creek: A favourite for the delicious Mangrove Jack and Barra, but plenty of surprises as well.
  • Araru Island: Standing on the sandy islet casting poppers or fly fishing for large pelagic and Bonefish will be a highlight for any angler.
  • Cape Don: So many options around this iconic cape with its heritage listed lighthouse.
  • Australian Wreck: The Australian had a gross tonnage of 2838 tons; length of 341.7 feet and a breadth of 42.2 feet. It sunk in 1906 after hitting Vashon Head reef. It holds large Golden Snapper, Jew Fish and attracts oversize Spanish Mackerel and Giant Trevally. Its funnel can be seen breaching the water.
  • Barra Rock: In the middle of a local bay lies this massive rock bar which holds Barra, Jacks, Coral Trout and much more.
  • The Cutting: pelagic heaven, and consistently rod bending highlight runs.

The pristine clear waters of Cobourg Marine Park are ideal for sight casting and fly fishing and offer up endless variety of fishing for all the family; there are sandbars and endless mangroves, flats, countless rock bars, wrecks and plenty of reef fishing to choose from. The diligent angler can challenge themselves to target specific species rather than casting into the muddy waters often found along the Top End coastline and hoping for the best.

Amongst the many target species are Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Coral Trout, Giant Herring, Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Queen Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Longtail Tuna, Black Jewfish, Cobia, Blue Threadfin, King Threadfin, Golden Snapper and Red Emperor to name a few.

These waters boast extreme amounts of formation such as rock bars and reefs supporting large populations of fish and a dynamic food chain. There is no need to travel far as you can experience world class fishing within sight of the camp if the weather is poor.

Let our experienced guides show you these unique and exciting fishing waters putting you in the right place at the right time to target your dream fish.

Included in your package

  • All permit fees
  • Courtesy airport transfers to and from the camp
  • Professionally guided fishing
  • Twin share, air conditioned, en-suite accommodation.
  • Complimentary laundry service
  • All chef prepared meals (B, L, D and snacks)
  • Boats and fuel
  • Quality fishing tackle on a replacement if lost or damaged basis. (Please bring your own fly-fishing tackle).

 # Alcohol is BYO

Travel to and from the lodge

Ask us about organising your charter flights to and from the Black Point Airstrip in the park.

See our information sheet for charter prices and details.

Visitor Enhancement Program

Guaranteed to enhance your visitor experience!

All guests have access to our Arnhem Land Coastal Camp Visitor Enhancement Program which is an add on complimentary visitor experience developed by our Traditional Owners to build on your existing knowledge of the area as it relates to fishing, nature, wildlife and culture.

Our Boats

All our boats have current Marine Survey Certification and we run two boats at a time.

Boat No 1: “The Punt” – 5.66 metres. Maximum 6 people on board. Aluminium hull, engine 112kw, Yamaha Engine 150 (four stroke).

Boat No 2: “Molly II” – 6 metres. Maximum 5 people on board. Aluminium hull, Suzuki 150 (four stroke).

Fishing Tackle

We provide quality tackle for Barramundi and Blue Water sport fishing. All reels are spooled with reputable brands to ensure durability under pressure.

Our professional qualified guides will have a selection of locally proven lures on hand to meet your fishing needs or you can bring your own.

All quality fishing tackle is supplied on a replace if lost or damaged basis. We don’t supply fly fishing tackle, however if you wish you can bring your own equipment.

Fishing Rules

Cobourg Marine Sanctuary Park is home to one Australia’s most beautiful natural reef systems.

We ask that all anglers abide by the instructions of our qualified Guides to ensure the protection and sustainability of the Marine Park, in keeping with the Traditional Owners and with the Northern Territory fishing rules and regulations.

Arnhem Land Coastal Camp has a catch & release policy and only keeps food for the table and for the local people of Araru.

Prices and Packages

Fishing day rates are from $1320 inc GST (per angler).

Let us know how many days you would like to spend with us and we will give you a tailored package price which will include:

  • Your own professional guide
  • Use of our quality fishing equipment
  • Permits to enter and fish Aboriginal waters
  • Licence and insurances
  • Fuel
  • Luxury accommodation
  • All chef prepared meals and access to outdoor dining facilities.

Allow 2 days for travel in and out of Arnhem Land Coastal Camp.

Flights are not included in the package price. However we can provide you with a quote. Territory Air Services can provide passenger services between Darwin and Cobourg Peninsula where you will be transferred to our Camp. Please contact us for further information.

I was amazed by Dwayne as he shared some of his family’s stories and culture with us, he spoke of the family’s traditions (sitting under the Macassan Tree talking and cooking traditional food), and back in the day when his ancestors canoed all around the Marine Park living and hunting.

I was also amazed at the fishing. The reef is close to the camp and I didn’t get sea sick as I could clearly see land. I caught large Barra 80cm + coming off the reef OMG and large Queenfish swimming past me that day.

review of Arnhem Land Coastal Camp by Louise

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