Cobourg Hunting Safari

Hunting in the Northern Territory

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Cobourg Hunting Safari in remote Arnhem Land

Hunters will enjoy the experience of hunting on foot for wild Banteng and Buffalo using our 375 H&H and 416 or using your own rifle.

These animals are truly wild and unpredictable which adds to the excitement of the hunting challenge. Our trackers / guides are the local traditional owners who have an intimate knowledge of the native bush, waterholes and habitats where these animals frequent; and it is this area knowledge which will ensure your hunting success.

Trophy bulls range from 100-130cm (42-52) wide. Allow three days minimum to find a trophy Banteng Bull. Available hunts are from April through to November.

After the hunt, hunters often ask to keep the trophy head, horns and cape with additional requests for the local Indigenous art to be painted on the head. This process can take up to three months from start to finish.

Please note all overseas rifle hunters coming into the Northern Territory require a Northern Territory Police International Visitors Temporary Firearm Licence, so we MUST submit your application form as soon as possible. For further information please view our Hunting FAQs.

All Cobourg Hunting Safari hunting activities are conducted on the Cobourg Peninsula only and are carried out in accordance stakeholder agreements and NT Legislation.

Policy and Considerations on Hunting (pdf)

Banteng Trophy Hunting

Banteng are a species of wild cattle from Southeast Asia introduced to Australia in 1849 with the establishment of a British military outpost at Port Essington on the Cobourg Peninsula.

Despite being a non-native species, the feral Australian Banteng has adapted positively. The males are black / dark chocolate brown and the females are buff. They have a distinctive white patch on their rear and can weigh up to 880 to 1,980lb. The horns of females are short and tightly curved, pointing inward at the tips, while those of males arc upwards, growing 60 to 75 cm (24 to 30 in) long, and being connected by a horn-like bald patch on the forehead.

Buffalo Trophy Hunting

Also known as the Australian Swamp Buffalo.

Imported to Australia in the 19th century to supply meat to remote northern settlements. In 1949 the settlements closed and the buffalo were abandoned and soon spread across the northern floodplains

In the 1980s and 1990s the Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication Campaign greatly reduced feral buffalo numbers however since then their numbers have significantly increased across northern Australia causing damage to wetlands.

Other Hunting

Australia’s feral pig is a descendant of various breeds of Sus scrofa, the domestic pig introduced to Australia along with a number of other species of pigs including Sus celebensis and Sus papuensis.

Records indicate the presence of domestic pigs immediately following the arrival of the First Fleet. Pigs were kept unrestrained by settlements and in semi-feral conditions. Stock could readily escape and wander and by the 1880s pigs had run wild.

In Australia and the across the Northern Territory feral pigs are found in a variety of habitats. These areas include rainforest, monsoon forest patches, paperbark swamps, open floodplains, marsh areas, semi-arid floodplains, dry woodlands and subalpine grasslands and forests.

Travel to and from the lodge

Ask us about organising your charter flights to and from the Black Point Airstrip in the park.

See our information sheet for charter prices and details.

Visitor Enhancement Program

Guaranteed to enhance your visitor experience!

All guests have access to our Arnhem Land Coastal Camp Visitor Enhancement Program which is an add on complimentary visitor experience developed by our Traditional Owners to build on your existing knowledge of the area as it relates to fishing, nature, wildlife and culture.


Hunting Banteng Trophy Package (all inclusive)

Tailored quotes provided – please contact us.

Hunting Buffalo Trophy Package (all inclusive)

Tailored quotes provided – please contact us.

Packages are based on 5 days, 4 nights, and 3 day’s activities.

Price includes:

  • Your own professional guide
  • Permits to enter and fish Aboriginal waters
  • Licence and insurances
  • Fuel
  • Luxury accommodation
  • All chef prepared meals and access to outdoor dining facilities
  • Inclusive flights and transport from Darwin into Arnhem Land
  • Additional hunting is Buffalo Cow, Wild Boar and Sambar Deer

Allow 2 days for travel in and out of Arnhem Land Coastal Camp

I would like to thank Dwayne for a very unique trip. He showed us things and taught us things you don’t get anywhere else.

To see the old aboriginal culture was a highlight for me definitely I will be back and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mark Boxshall

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