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Arnhem Land Coastal Camp

Araru Point
11.200588° S, 131.877406° E

The Cobourg Peninsula is located 350 km east of Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia. It is deeply indented with coves and bays, covers a land area of about 2,100 km², and is virtually uninhabited. 11.3667° S, 132.3000° E

General FAQ

Permits, fees and registration

Cobourg Peninsula is under joint management between Traditional Owners and the Northern Territory Parks & Wildlife Commission. There are rules and regulations that need to be adhered and permits are (compulsory) requirement prior to arrival in Arnhem Land: Permit Fees, Road Entry Fees, Air and Sea Entry Fees, Visitor Fees.

These permits are all arranged by Arnhem Land Coastal Camp as part of your package.

What is the best way to get there?

Local Visitor: We will collect you and drive you to Araru or alternatively you can drive there yourself (8-10hr drive, long stop over is not permitted).

Alternately you can fly to Black Point, Coburg Peninsula and we will pick you up and drive you to Araru which is a 40km drive.

Interstate/ Overseas Visitor: We will collect you from the Darwin International Airport and drive you to Araru (it takes 8hrs). Alternatively you can fly you to Black Point, Cobourg Peninsula and we will pick you up and drive to Araru which is 40km drive.

Access by Road or Air

Road access is during the Dry Season only. Roads are expected to be open from 1 May to 31 October depending on wet season conditions (8-10hr drive from Darwin to Araru) with no long term stops permitted only short water breaks.

If arriving by Air charter – it takes 50 minutes (Darwin to airstrip located at Smith Point) followed by a 2hr drive by 4WD to Araru Point.

What do I need to bring?

If arriving by Road (4WD only) – come well equipped for the drive with food, fuel, water, first aid kit, tool kit, spare tyres and vehicle parts.

  • Bring your camera and binoculars.
  • Check tide charts before setting out at Cahills Crossing (tides are six hours later than Darwin tides). Some tides may prevent you from crossing and have enough fuel to cover 700+ km round trip. Duration: 8-12hrs.
  • Recommend you bring a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses, cool protective clothing, water boots, sandals, binoculars if you have them, insect repellent and sunscreen.

Things to remember!

  • Permits are needed and can be included in your package.
  • Pets / other wildlife are not permitted in a Garig Gunak Barlu National Park.
  • Check your vehicle make sure it is not transporting pests.
  • If travelling by car – a 4W Drive is the only recommended vehicle. Stay on marked roads and tracks, carry plenty of food and fuel and be equipped with: water, ice, first aid kit, tool kit, spare tyres, fuel, vehicle parts, shade awning, fishing gear, camera and binoculars
  • When you have reached Araru please abide by all Arnhem Land Coastal Camp house rules which have been designed for your well being and personal safety.
  • No night-time bushwalking is allowed – as wild animals inhabit this place.
  • Be careful with fire, a campfire pit is available to guests (it is allowed in one designated area and under guided supervision), please collect fallen timber only for your camp fire.
  • Prevent pollution and protect marine wildlife by removing rubbish and dispose of correctly to avoid potentially entrapping birds and other aquatic creatures. At camp rubbish bins are available please use them and be prepared to burn paper or carry out of Araru recyclable materials.
  • Don’t use soaps or detergent in or near waterways
  • Nets, traps and firearms are not permitted.
  • Shells are recycled by marine wildlife – you can look, photograph and identify shells, but leave them on the beach.
  • Observe restrictions on fishing and hunting – contact Arnhem Land Coastal Camp guides for more information and no anchoring over sea grass and try to avoid fragile coral beds.
  • Be sharkwise – sharks of all types inhabit these waters and are potential dangerous to people. It is not recommended that you swim by day or night in these waters.
  • Do not swim in any waters or approach the edge of waterways and clean fish away from the water’s edge. www:becrocwise.nt.gov.au
  • Please also watch for other marine life that can be dangerous eg. stone fish and box jellyfish.
  • All cultural items and wildlife are protected.
  • Since the journey to Araru is long and tiring (8hrs by road) we want your first 24hrs at Arnhem Land Coastal Camp to be relaxing. We encourage you to take the time to rest and enjoy the view of the Arafura Sea, our white sandy beaches, golden sunsets and possibly a sneak peek at our fabulous wildlife and come dine with us under the stars and experience the finest outdoor cuisine.
Can I camp?

Camping is not allowed at Araru, as accommodation has been purpose built for your comfort and enjoyment.

How many rooms have you got and how many people can they hold?

First class accommodation. We have six rooms which have 2 x king size beds in each and en-suite bathroom. Our rooms overlook the spectacular Arafura Sea and each room has been carefully positioned to enhance your visitor experience. Just relax and take in the natural surroundings, our golden sunsets and cool afternoon ocean breezes including Kitchen / Dining / Restaurant Area and access to Camp Fire Area including Wi-Fi.  

We have also have one Budget Accommodation Areas which contains four beds in a room with en-suite bathroom and shower, Barbecue Area and access to Camp Fire Area, including Wi-Fi and are a stone’s throw from the beach.

Are the rooms air Conditioned?

Yes, all rooms are air-conditioned to give you maximum sleeping comfort.

Do I need to bring food or linen?

Guided Fishing, Accommodation & Outdoor Dining Package

All your meals and accommodation requirements are taken care of. Your meals are prepared to the highest standards by our chef in our restaurant quality kitchen, and non-alcoholic refreshments are included for our guests.

Guided Fishing & Accommodation Only Package

All accommodation is included but does not include meals. You willbhave access to our barbecue area where you can cook your own food at your leisure. Please note no food will be allowed in rooms. This is for your general health and well being and all rubbish must be taken back to Darwin.

Do you have fresh drinking water?

Drinking water is bottled water purchased in Darwin.

If we have to bring medication where can we store it?

Yes, all medication can be stored safely for you in a secure place and or freezer.

If we have a medical emergency what is your emergency protocol?

ALCC has emergency management protocols in place and access to Care Flight and Parks & Wildlife Rangers. All our staff have current Remote Area First Aid qualifications including Advanced CPR Training and possess significant experience of working remote areas.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your camera and we would be happy to receive some photos from you for our website. However please note photos of the Traditional Owners and their homes are not permitted without their permission.

Can I bring alcohol?

We will be applying for an alcohol license in 2019. In the meantime non-alcohol refreshments are available.

How to pay

See Terms and Conditions all payments are in advance to ensure all catering and special needs are attended to making it a seamless package.

Arnhem Land Coastal Camp accepts all major credit cards and utilises an efpos facility or you can simply conduct an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT Transaction) direct to Arnhem Land Coastal Camp Pty Ltd

Sport Fishing

Can we bring our own boat?

No, Arnhem Land Coastal Camp has two in survey boats on hand to cater for your all fishing needs. We have some of the finest guides in the business. The Traditional Owners of Araru and guides combined have not only a local in-depth knowledge of the land and sea country, its delicate reef system and natural habitats but also have extensive experience in fishing, parks and wildlife and tour operation. They are passionate about what they do and are always willing to go the extra mile to help provide that seamless Araru experience.

Do I need to bring my fishing gear?

No, you do not need to bring your fishing equipment. We supply top quality fishing rods, reels and tackle. If you do want to bring your favourite rod please let us know prior to your stay. 

How many boats have you got?

We have capacity to run two boats at a time.

The Punt maximum number of persons on board (6), Aluminium Hull, Engine 112kw, Yamaha Engine 150(four stroke) and Length 5.66m.

Molly II maximum number of persons on board (5), Aluminium Hull, Suzuki 150 (four stroke) and Length 6.00m.

How many people per boat?

Our boat has capacity to take 3 Anglers and 1 Guide.

Can we go fishing at night?

No, for safety reasons we do not conduct night fishing charters and you will not be allowed to fish the beach at night as dangerous crocodiles, sharks and wildlife inhabit this area.

Do I need to have fishing experience?

No, you do not need to have experience, our guides are there to assist you and will ensure you have awesome fishing experience.

What species can we go fishing for?

The main types of fish you will be targeting are reef fish:

Threadfin Salmon, Giant Trevally, Queenfish, Mackerel, Golden Snapper, and Coral Trout to name a few including Barramundi.

Cobourg Hunting Safari

Can I bring my own firearm and ammunition?

Yes, you can bring your own firearm and ammunition but please check with the airport for special travel requirements. You must advise the airline of this and follow all safety rules and legislation.

All overseas rifle hunters coming into the Northern Territory require a Northern Territory Police International Visitors Temporary Firearm Licence.

If your stay in the NT is longer than 30 days, you need to register your firearm with the NT Police.

How many of us can come on a shoot?

Maximum of 2 shooters per party.

Is there and age Limit?

No age limit however all persons must be accompanied by a licensed shooter and abide by NT Firearms Act

Can I take my trophy home?

Yes, but it is a lengthy process and can take up to three months from start to finish before getting it to you. Freight and art work is an add on cost.

Are there exclusion zones?

Yes, these exclusion zones are known to the guides and will be explained to you prior to going on the hunt.

These zones are set aside for the use of traditional owners and help preserve the land and waters of this area as well as future cultural and economic benefit.

These exclusion zones are legislated and enforceable under The Aboriginal Land Rights Act and the Parks and Wildlife Act. 

What do I bring?

Light comfortable clothing, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, two pairs of closed in comfortable shoes, min 2 litre water bottle. 


What am I likely to see?

Emerald Doves, Patriots, Honey Bee Eaters, Red & Grey Goshawk (unique to this area), Osprey, Owls, Beach Stone Curlews etc

Sea birds: Crested Terns, Black- Naped Terns (which can be easily disturbed), and Silver Gull, Roseate and Bridled Terms and other.

Do I need to bring my binoculars?

No, binoculars will be provided to you but if you have your favourite binoculars please feel free to bring them along.

Bird Blind

To be built in 2019

your flight into Camp

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