Cultural Tours & Birding in the NT

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Due to a pending Land Claim, we are unable to accept any bookings at the moment. We'll let you know via our Facebook page when this has been resolved.

Cultural Tours in the Northern Territory

The Agalda Clan offers fascinating Aboriginal culture tours.

They are personalised tours designed to take you deeper into culture and the habitats of Arnhem Land.

You will enjoy great food and hospitality and gain valuable insight into our local and historic knowledge some of which is known only to the Agalda Clan.

Our 2 hour Cultural Tours range in activities from traditional art, song, dance, spear making and storytelling.

Birding in the NT

Arnhem Land is home to both rare and common species of birds.

The tropical summer months bring some amazing lightning shows and following the rains in December – February, the rivers, coastal floodplains, mangroves and paper bark swamps are teeming with life. Birds you are likely to see include the Emerald Dove,  Red Goshawk, the Osprey and Beach Stone Curlews to name but a few.

The Cobourg Marine Sanctuary Park is also an important feeding ground for several species of seabirds and the islands are used for breeding. This is of particular importance to the Crested Terns and Black Naped Terns (on Migratory Birds Protection List). These birds are very vulnerable to the presence of people and so are best viewed from a distance so as not to upset the mortality rates of young birds and hatchling rates. Other species such as silver gull, roseate tern and bridled terms also use the islands and can also be seen from a distance.

In 2019 we are intending to build a 360 degree Bird Blind – it will be mobile, covert and comes with comfortable seating and shade. It will be noise free and un-intrusive and will blend into the natural environment. Please view of Bird List Guide for more information on the birds you are likely to see in Arnhem Land.

See a list of our top birds

Travel to and from the lodge

Ask us about organising your charter flights to and from the Black Point Airstrip in the park.

See our information sheet for charter prices and details.

Visitor Enhancement Program

Guaranteed to enhance your visitor experience!

All guests have access to our Arnhem Land Coastal Camp Visitor Enhancement Program which is an add on complimentary visitor experience developed by our Traditional Owners to build on your existing knowledge of the area as it relates to fishing, nature, wildlife and culture.

Prices and Packages

Birding Packages

Please contact us for prices.

Packages are based on 5 days, 4 nights, and 3 days’ activities.

Price includes:

  • Your own professional guide
  • binoculars
  • all permits, licence and insurances
  • budget accommodation and barbecue access
  • Inclusive of road access

Option: Visitors can request an upgrade in accommodation and access to dining (at additional cost and subject to availability).

Allow 2 days for travel in and out of Arnhem Land Coastal Camp.

Flights are not included in the package price. However we can provide you with a quote – please ask. Territory Air Services can provide passenger services between Darwin and Black Point, Cobourg Peninsula where you will be transferred to our Camp. Please contact us for further information.

Cultural Tours

Please contact us for prices.

Booking upon request (minimum 3 -12 people) likely to partake in the following activities: traditional art, song, dance, spearing or storytelling.

I was amazed by Dwayne as he shared some of his family’s stories and culture with us, he spoke of the family’s traditions (sitting under the Macassan Tree talking and cooking traditional food), and back in the day when his ancestors canoed all around the Marine Park living and hunting.

I was also amazed at the fishing. The reef is close to the camp and I didn’t get sea sick as I could clearly see land. I caught large Barra 80cm + coming off the reef OMG and large Queenfish swimming past me that day.

review of Arnhem Land Coastal Camp by Louise

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